A Block English Class (Final Reflection)

This whole year just passed by so quickly that I don’t even know how I was living my life everyday. As it was my first year in Korea and in this school, I had to get used to so many new things and at the same time care about my grades. It was pretty hard, but I think I coped with it pretty well. Having never been to an American school, this year was a whole new experience and a big challenge for me.

Remembering back to the first day of school, having English as my first block (A), I walked into the classroom on the third floor. Ms.P told us to put our names and blocks down on a piece of paper. Everyone in class did as they were told and took a seat. But I was standing there for 5 minutes wondering what “block” meant. Not long after this “what the…” situation, I encountered with another word: “discussion”. What?! We never had such thing in my old school. Not knowing what I was supposed to do in “discussions”, I received a “C” for the first few discussions we had. Good times…. Being 100% honest, I thought Ms.P was quite a scary teacher at first (LOL). But now that I’ve had classes with her for a year, I know what a cool teacher she is (:

For the whole year, out of the 9 different classes I took, I think I learnt the most in English class. And I’m not just saying this because my english teacher would be reading this!! I seriously learnt a lot. With a lot of presentations, and “discussions”, I learnt how to become more confident in class. In my old school, and for the first few months in this school, I was very shy. I would shake every time I spoke in front of class, and was too scared to put my hands up and speak up. Like I said earlier, for my first few discussions, I didn’t say anything, and when I did, it was because Ms.P told me to. Now, I changed. Not completely, but maybe half? I speak up in class discussions and I don’t shake as much when I do presentations like I used to. Even today, when we were doing a presentation in front of the class, I didn’t feel nervous at all. I spoke with quite a bit of confidence (yeah!!). I like this change in me, and I specifically thank my A Block English class for it. Of course, we learnt many more things in English class- in fact too many to mention all of them. We learnt how to enjoy reading (totally…), how to write good essays, how to analyze passages, and much more. But the one thing that I will always remember learning from my A Block English class, is how to be confident in class. Why? Because by learning this, I feel like a different person from who I was just a year ago. Thank you A BLock English class and Ms. P!! ๐Ÿ˜€


Brave New World

At the moment, in English class, we are reading Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. Reading it, I found that there were many similarities and differences between the society of Brave New World and our society today.

Like our society, World State is controlled by the government. The government in our society and World State both plays the role of keeping the society ‘in control’. People act according to the rules the government set up, and everything works according to how the government wants it to work. Another similarity is that the government uses propaganda to shape people’s minds. They use propaganda to make people believe in things that the government wants them to believe. This is what is going on in our society too. The government announces things things to make us believe and think in a certain way. This can be seen in the Cheon-An-Am incident, where a large Korean ship was sunk. The government didn’t directly tell the public that it was the North Koreans that sunk it. However, through propaganda, they implied the fact. Likewise, in World State, it’s government announces many different things to shape people’s minds.

There are more differences than similarities between our society and World State. The most obvious difference is how humans are brought into the world. People in our society are “born” through their mothers, however, in World State, people are created and cloned by machines. Due to this difference, World State people don’t have family or parents like we do in our society. In World State, people are also conditioned for their appearances, how they act and how they think. Therefore, everyone is happy all the time. This, is something that is not possible in our society. Another big difference that is shown throughout the book is that the concept of ‘sex’ is very open and free in World State. Even the children are allowed to play ‘erotic games’- something you can never even imagine in our society. Besides these, there are many more differences such as the fact that there is no god or religion in World State.
As mentioned earlier, there are more differences than similarities between World State and our society. The overwhelming number of differences are probably what shocks and entertains the readers throughout the book.

My Future?

As an uprising Junior, I finally started to think about my future. What do I want to become? I always thought my high school graduation was somewhere far away. But my gosh, its just 2 years left!!

Always having the best grades in math, I was carelessly thinking of majoring in math. My mum also thought that I should be majoring something related to calculations. However, looking at my math grades recently, I thought, ‘Maybe, math isn’t the best direction for me’. So I started wondering. ‘Is math really what I want? Or is it just something to get me to university?’, ‘Would I enjoy doing maths for my whole entire life?’, ‘What would I become after majoring in maths?’. All these questions rushed into my head, and the answers weren’t very difficult to find. I had to look for something else. But to be honest, there are nothing else I was particularly good at!! (Well, except maybe a bit of art) And I’ve never thought about something else to major other than maths. So I asked myself another question: ‘What do I enjoy doing?’. This was when I found a new direction for my future. I will major in art! Not trying to boast here, but all my private teachers that saw my drawings told me that I should do something related to art; that I should become a designer. Then I thought ‘yeah, I think I’ll enjoy taking that as a job’. So at the moment, although I’m not too sure yet, I’m aiming to go to an art school (I mean, its at least better than having no goals…).

After setting a goal, I started finding out about what I needed to do to get into an art school. I had to create over 20 art pieces for my portfolio and hand in for my application!! This means that I only have about an year to complete 20 art pieces!! This is a problem- a BIG problem. Busy with all projects and homework from school, when am I going to find time to work on this, and will I even be able to complete it in time?!?! I will have to try anyways though. I’ll really try my best. Argh, but its is going to be so hard!!
This was when I realized once again, there is nothing easy in this world. D:

The day I realized why god HAS to exist.

PS. This post is going to be VERY personal (:

I am having the worse days of my life. Last Thursday, I didn’t sleep at all because I had an Asian Studies test next day. Despite my hard studying, the test didn’t go so well. We had to write two short essays at the end, and I knew exactly what to write for both of them, but I ran out of time and ended up not finishing my second essay. I was pretty upset, but everything else went fine until near the end of school. My last class was PE and I had all my clothes ready for it. However, my friend -who had PE just before me- didn’t. She asked me if she could borrow mine and return it to me straight after class. I lent it to her, but after our first class, she didn’t turn up, and I was left with no uniform to wear for PE. We lose points in PE if we don’t have our uniform so I really needed it. Luckily my other friend had an extra shirt and the teacher was away. It later turned out that she forgot. She apologized, but still…it did get me pretty mad. Then later on my other friend broke a promise and did something that was quite selfish and inconsiderate, which got me even more annoyed.

When I returned home, I had an argument with my mum (for private reasons^^). With all these bad and upsetting things happening at once, I fell asleep crying. The next morning, my mum screams at me for getting up late for my lesson. The whole day, I thought and thought about who caused the fight between me and my mum the night before. I came to the conclusion that it was mostly my mum’s. I’m not saying I was all right, but it’ just tat she did more wrong things than I did. Even my sister agreed so!

I decided to talk out with her, but she disagreed with the fact that she had more faults. I had a talk with my dad during dinner, wishing for some kind of an advice or a comfort. But while talking he got mad too! I’m sure he had his own reasons, which I do not understand. In fact, I don’t even know why he got mad! He said something (which I don’t really want to mention here) that really hurt me. It was the day I realized why god has to exist. He is the only one that I could turn to in such situations. Even if he sits on the wall doing practically nothing, if I didn’t even have him, I would seriously have suicided (no joke). But I find him so stupid sometimes. He keep me alive when I’m so useless to the society. And yet he kills forty-six men that were serving for the country in the ocean (the Chun-An-Am incident in Korea). Even today I’m still not better with my parents. God I hate my life. But I’m still enduring it, hoping for something good in return for my pains. Because believe it or not, there is always hope behind the dark – like rainbow after the rain.


In our life, there is one thing that has no ending: learning. We can never say “I’ve finished learning” because there are just too much things to learn in this world that you can never finish learning. Learning doesn’t always have to be the things you learn at school. Even the most random things that you realize outside school also counts as learning, because learning is defined as “becoming aware of something”. Throughout our life, we consciously and unconsciously become aware of many different things -even when we get old- and therefore, there is not limit to time or how much one can learn.

Despite the fact that many of us are unconsciously into the habit of learning, we don’t enjoy or like anything about it. I believe this is because we stereotyped learning as “school subject”. If learning was defined as a “school subject”, I would have probably not liked it very much either. However, because learning is becoming “aware of something”, I guess I could say that I like learning.

You might be thinking “what a crazy thing to like”, but don’t worry because there is really only one thing I like about learning. I like the feeling that I now know something new, because this makes me feel smart. And by knowing something new, I become able to use the knowledge elsewhere. That’s pretty much all I like about learning. But because I at least have one thing that I like about learning, I will never end up hating it. Which is good, because as soon as you hate learning, my belief is that you won’t improve in life as much as you could if you didn’t hate it. Therefore my dear readers…try to find at least one thing you like about learning!! It might change your life ๐Ÿ˜€

My Biggest Weakness

No one can be perfect. We all have weaknesses in some way or another. As a human, my biggest weakness is time management. This weakness has been following me around since ages ago, that it is very hard to change it now.

Time management is very important in student, and everyone’s lives. If you fail to manage time properly, no matter how hard you work, the results won’t be as good as when you manage time properly. I used to have the habit of doing all my homework first as soon as I get back home from school. However, as I got older, my habit started to change and I stopped doing my homework straight after school. Starting to use computers, I spent much time on playing and sleeping. Due to this, I ended up doing homework until very late at night, making me sleep late everyday. With lack of sleep, I was always tired at school, not being able to concentrate well on any of the subjects. Because I am tired, I would then return home and sleep and get up to do homework late at night. And this cycle continued on and on.

Not knowing then, the importance of time, I ruined my daily life cycle. Now that I know the importance and knowing that we can never get back the time we lost, I want to change my cycle. I try not to sleep after school and I try to finish my homework early without getting distracted- I even drink coffee to achieve this. However, my life cycle has been like this since I was in middle school and now it is too hard for me to change. It has become my biggest weakness of all times.

JaeBum Park

I’m not obsessed with 2PM anymore like I was before in my older post. During the Winter Olympics, with the arrival of good news; of Yuna Kim’s gold medal, came a bad news about 2PM: that JaeBum will not be come back to be the 2PM leader. It is said that he will be staying in America, B-Boying with his friends.

According to the news, he was planning to make a comeback this April, however due to the ‘big mistake’ he made before leaving to America, he can’t come back. JYP, the chairman of 2PM’s company, said that he asked JaeBum to make a comeback in April and that he agreed. So they were preparing for the comeback, until he received a call from JaeBum with his confession saying that he had made a ‘big mistake’ before he left to America.

The ‘big mistake’ is unknown for it is said to be ‘private life problem’. However, even without knowing the ‘big mistake’ there are many queer things about what JYP said. First, it doesn’t make sense how JaeBum first agreed to make the comeback then suddenly changed his mind saying that he can’t come back because of the ‘big mistake’ he made before. If the mistake had been made before he left Korea, then he should have disagreed with the comeback from the first place, but why later? Secondly, JYP said that this ‘big mistake’ is not a crime, or anything against the laws, however he said that if the ‘big mistake’ gets known to the public, then it might cause a big problem to the society. The question is, how is this possible? How can something cause a big problem to the society when it is not a crime or anything against the law?

With many suspicious things about what JYP has said, many fans quitted 2PM fan club and protested to JYP for JaeBum’s return. At the moment, there are many rumors about why JaeBum can’t comeback. There is even a rumor saying that its because JYP loved Jaebum and confessed, but because JaeBum is a homophobia, he rejected, and so JYP got mad, making JaeBum quit.

As for me, I also don’t like 2PM anymore for they agreed with JaeBum not coming back. How could they just leave their friend like that? I just don’t get it. This is one of the reasons why the many fans have quitted fan club. There are also videos about 2PM members talking behind JaeBum’s back. As a fan, I am very disappointed. If I were JaeBum, I would have hated the members. HOWEVER, because JaeBum is so caring and kindhearted, he made a Youtube account, posting up videos of him for his fans, and made a comment asking the fans to not hate the 2PM members.

Unlike what many fans worried, JaeBum is at the moment doing very well in America, winning first places in B-boy competitions. Fans are getting updates of JaeBum’s current status on his Youtube account. This is his account below:

Dracula’s Guest

Comparing and contrasting “Dracula’s Guest” with the published version of Stoker’s work

Dracula’s guest is another version of the first two chapters of Dracula. On this post, I will be comparing and contrasting the two versions, in order to determine what I think is better. Hope you enjoy!! ๐Ÿ˜€

As both of them are written by Bram Stoker, they have quite a lot of similarities: especially the use of gothic elements. In both versions, Stoker uses settings, pathetic fallacy, etc to create a spooky atmosphere. They both foreshadow at the beginning that bad things will happen in the future, with the use of horses and other people’s reaction to the night of “Saint George’s Day” and “Walpurgis nacht”. Unusualness of the weather changes and the dark atmosphere creates the horror of both versions. Likewise, Dracula’s Guest and Dracula has many similarities regarding Stoker’s use of gothic elements and the mood it creates.

Despite the fact that they are both written by the same person, they have quite a lot of differences. Dracula’s Guest seems to be more exaggerated with the use of gothic elements, especially with the use of pathetic fallacy and the driver’s reaction: how the weather changes so unusually, and how the driver’s reaction is very big and more exaggerated than how it was in Dracula. Another difference is that Dracula’s Guest reaches climax/excitement much earlier than Dracula. In Dracula, the story only starts getting exciting when Jonathan realizes that he was a prisoner. However, in Dracula’s Guest, the story gets excited very early, in the part where the snow storm comes. Another difference is the main character’s personality. Despite that they are both English gentlemen, the main character in Dracula’s Guest is more proud, brave and not afraid of things, willing to go the the unholy village by himself, while Jonathan in Dracula is afraid and worried throughout his whole journey. As you can see, there are more differences between Dracula and Dracula’s guest than similarities.

I think the published version is better than Dracula’s Guest. This is because, in Dracula’s Guest, the development of the story seems to be rushing through, with the main character realizes too quickly that he is being watched and protected by someone mysterious. In this way, I don’t quite figure how the story could go on next. Also, Dracula’s Guest sort of creates a bad image about the Germans, making them look like a coward and looked down on. The main character keeps contrasting himself (proud englishman) with the driver (German), saying that he is a coward. Because of all these weaknesses, I find the published version better than Dracula’s Guest.

What do I LOVE?

It is hard to name just one thing I love, for there are so many things in this world to love!! Family, friends, macbook, phones,….just too many to name them all. Out of all the things I love, I want to talk about Hong Kong.

I used to live in Hong Kong before I came to Korea. I went there when I was 6 and lived there until 15; so I lived there about 9 years. Having lived in Hong Kong for more than half of my life until now, I just can’t stop loving Hong Kong. All the friends there, school, shopping, and many more. Half of my memories are filled with things that happened in Hong Kong which I can never forget.

The friends I made in Hong Kong have been friends with me for at least 6 years. This makes me feel more comfortable and close with them. We know each other so well that we can even predict what the other person is going to say or do. Up until now, there has been no one as close to me as them. They care about me and take interests in me, which makes me miss them even more than I already do.

School was such a big part of my life in Hong Kong. It is where I made all my friends and learnt everything. I enjoyed school life there so much that I liked going back to school after the holidays. Which is, telling the truth very different from now. At the moment, I’m not enjoying my life much. I don’t have as many friends as I used to and everything is so unfamiliar. I guess this is also one reason why I miss and love Hong Kong so much.

The shopping there was also fantastic. Unlike here, where I don’t know anywhere outside few meters from my house, in Hong Kong, I was able to go anywhere I wanted to, by myself. They sell so many things that you can hardly find in Korea. So every time my dad goes for a business trip I ask him to buy things from there. ๐Ÿ˜€

Telling the truth, I cannot escape from the memories I had in Hong Kong. I relate everything I do and see, to things that happened in Hong Kong. I would do anything to go back there. It feels like Hong Kong is my homeland (it’s not…Korea is…) and I love it as much as I love my family.

I โค Hong Kong!!

Making it SPECIAL

1. What makes me special? What makes my blog special??

For both of these questions, I would answer “personality”. Personality is what makes all of us special, and blogs are – I believe – for expressing our personalities. Whether a blog is good or bad gets determined on how well you have expressed your identity and personality (we are talking about personal blogs here).

2. What makes my blog interesting? What makes my blog worth subscribing to?

What I find interesting, others will also find it interesting. What I find it boring, others will also find it boring. Most of the time this is the case. Why? Because we are all human beings with similar mindsets. So how do I make my blog interesting?? The easiest way is to choose a topic that everyone will be interested in, such as celebrities, food, etc. But if you HAD TO – not in your own will – write about boring topics, the one and only most important rule is to have passion. You need to have passion in your own writing. Writing about something without much passion results the ‘BORING BLOGS’. Although you might not think so, the readers are aware while reading your writing- whether you wrote it with passion or was forced. This rule also appliesย  when you are writing about an interesting topic. Even if your topic was absolutely diverting, if you write it without passion, it will end up as the ‘BORING WRITING’. REMEMBER: Whether a writing is engaging or not depends on how well you express the same information.

Below are some of my friends’ blogs which I found interesting. Check it out!!


What makes this blog interesting?

1. The moment you enter this blog, you hear the Beatle’s music. The blog is full of videos and pictures. The use of media makes this blog visually pleasing and more interesting to read.

2. They are written with passion. Through her writings, we can get a glance of her personality. She expresses herself and shows people her interests, without being shy. Liking Beatles at this age, some people might frown at her and say “They are so old, why do you like them”. Despite the chances of hearing these things, she proudly shows passion and interests in Beatles, making her and her blog unique.


What makes this blog interesting?

1. The same thing applies. All over her blog, there are videos and pictures, providing readers with something other than just writings.

2. Talks about interesting topics, such as celebrities. Light and easy topic for readers to read and understand, making it a much more interesting writing.

3. Again, she has passion. We can tell that she is interested in what she is talking about, although she may not really be. She expresses her personalities in variety of ways, and makes some of her writings very personal (showing likes and dislikes). By being personal and truthful to the readers, it makes it more engaging for the readers to read her posts, therefore making her blog interesting.


What makes this blog interesting?

1. As soon as you enter her blog, popular music starts to play in her background. Further going through her blog, we see tons of pictures everywhere. This big use of media, like said before, makes it more interesting for the readers to read her blog.

2. She shows her passion and interests she has in different genres. She talks about a topic and expresses her feelings towards it without hiding anything from the readers. This is again one of the things that make her blog very interesting.

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